Fence at 56th and Yankee Hill

Some have asked what will happen with the fence that was removed at the corner of 56th and Yankee Hill. The City of Lincoln and LES purchased land and easements for the expanded intersection/round-about project. The high voltage towers had to be moved further east into HOA land.

The HOA was paid for this area of land. The funds are in our general account and will be used for future grounds maintenance or improvement projects in the common areas.

Any trees that were removed were also compensated.

We will have to wait and see what the final project landscaping looks like to determine if any extension of the fence will be possible. All of the homes east of the HOA fence have their own fences so it should not change access to the area. The city and county have not made any plans for what will happen with widening Yankee Hill beyond the round-about so it could be a waste of money to make changes to the commons at this time.

Steve Hovland BTC HOA President